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*Clarified Cocktail

A very fashionable cocktail for 2-3 years, the Clear Milk Punch has made a great breakthrough in cocktail bars.

It must be said that the Clear Milk Punch is unlike anything else: transparent and prepared with milk, it has something to challenge. And even more when you taste it for the first time.

Everything you need to know about Clear Milk Punch, and how to make it easily at home, is right now!


The explanation behind these transparent milk-based cocktails can be summed up in one word: clarification.To make a milk-based clarification, it must be mixed with an acid substance (lemon juice for example). The milk then begins to curdle. By then separating the particles from the rest of the drink, a perfectly translucent mixture is obtained.This clarification works thanks to the fat present in the milk. Choose whole milk rather than semi-skimmed.

Since the cocktail needs to be filtered, it takes a little time. It must therefore be prepared in advance. Once ready: you store it in the fridge in a glass bottle, and can take it out whenever you want. Super practical!


A cloud. There is not much else to add: the clear milk punch is infinitely sweet. All the ingredients blend together like magic.In all honesty: it's delicious!


– An incredible texture unlike any other existing cocktail.– A cocktail prepared in advance means that you can treat yourself with many ingredients. Only one limit: your creativity.– Impossible to miss if you follow the dosages (a little further down in the article).– Once the cocktail has been filtered and bottled: it is as quick to serve as a beer. Ideal in the evening when you have people.– Very easy to create new recipes.– Ultra photogenic. Perfect for exploding the likes counter on the internet.


- Not vegan. But it would be possible to prepare it with soy milk. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I've tried it!– Long to prepare (let the mixture set for 24 hours then a filtration which generally lasts 1 to 2 hours).


In Paris, you can find Clear Milk Punch in many well-known cocktail bars. We particularly recommend those available at Copperbay (Rum, coconut, lychee, pandan, milk), Danico (Vodka with peanut butter, spices, soy sauce, coconut water, sweet potato juice, tomato juice, cucumber juice, lime, sugar, chilli, clarified with soy milk) or Le Syndicat (Gin, olive, vinegar, nuts, spices, red wine, milk).

In Toulouse, go to L'Heure du Singe (Blend of homemade rums, lime, syrup hibiscus, sweet spices, citrus fruits, Angostura bitters, milk). Available for delivery during confinement!

In Strasbourg, go to Aedaen Speakeasy (Gin, cinnamon syrup, juice pineapple, lemon, milk).


There is no ideal dosage, everyone has their own perception of the balance of a cocktail.However, after having prepared a few, here are the proportions that offer very satisfactory results (for 4 cocktails):

20 cl Strong alcohol (Rum, Gin, Cognac, Calvados…)8 cl Syrup (sugar, coconut, vanilla, honey, tonka…)10 cl Lemon Juice (yellow or green)12 cl Soft (tea, infusion, fruit juice, coconut water, cold brew…)Fruit pieces, herbs, spices, coffee beans, nuts…15 cl Whole milk

You are free to adjust them according to your desires. When adding a liqueur (coffee, apricot, vanilla, etc.), remember to remove a little strong alcohol and a little sugar (for example: 16 cl of strong alcohol, 8 cl of liqueur, 6 cl of syrup).Because Clear Milk Punch is very mild, it works great with maple syrup. The latter has a very strong sweetening power: you can get by with 6 cl instead of 8.


Place all the ingredients (except the milk) in container A.Place the milk in a container B.Pour the whole of container A into container B. The milk will start to curdle thanks to its reaction with the acidity of the lemon contained in container A.Place the mixture in the fridge and let it sit for 24 hours.If you have added fruit, herbs or other: filter the mixture for the first time using a fine strainer to remove large pieces.Then strain into a glass bottle using a funnel and a coffee filter. Filtration can be quite long (about 1 hour). Feel free to use multiple coffee filters if needed.

Store in the refrigerator and enjoy whenever you want, pouring over a large ice cube.

Clear Milk Punch banana coffee before filtration… Clearly, it does not make you want to!

The magic happens when filtering…


A Clear Milk Punch may seem complicated… But once you have made your first recipe, you will only have one idea in mind: imagine the next one.

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