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*Low ABV

Low ABV stands for "low alcohol by volume". A low ABV cocktail is therefore a cocktail that has a low degree of alcohol. It is above all a category of cocktails that has been on the rise for some time. The success of the Spritz is the best proof of this.

What is a low ABV cocktail?

A low ABV cocktail is not a classic cocktail in which we would have simply reduced the quantities of gin or vodka. It is a drink that is made with products with a lower alcohol content such as vermouths< /a>, xeres, port or some liqueurs .

Wondering if there are any famous low ABV cocktails?

Yes, of course! Starting with the Spritz and all its variations. The Americano, also a great classic, is also part of this family.

Why are low ABV cocktails trendy?

There are several reasons for the fashion for low-alcohol cocktails.

>A matter of health

Today, more and more people take care of their health. They therefore pay attention to what they eat but also to their alcohol consumption and drink little or no alcohol at all.

Low ABV cocktails, a real alternative!

With this type of cocktail, you can enjoy your evening and your friends but also the know-how of the bartenders without falling into excess of alcohol. It is obviously beneficial for health. But also for his productivity in the office the next day…

> The possibility of tasting several cocktails

Ordering low ABV cocktails is also an opportunity to taste several cocktails and therefore discover different creations. But beware of abuse all the same... If they are low in alcohol, don't forget that they contain alcohol.

> The professionalization of the bartending profession

For just over ten years, the French cocktail scene has really taken off. For a long time, a bartender was above all a creator of atmosphere. But the profession of bartending has become more professional. Today, a real bartender offers his customers a real taste experience.

For a bartender, what is the point of making low ABV cocktails?

With the creation of low-alcohol cocktails, the bartender cannot rely solely on spirits to add character to his drink. For this, he must work more on syrups, macerations or sodasfermented. A way to highlight all his creative know-how.

> The great return of the aperitivo

Inseparable from the Italian way of life, the aperitivo is increasingly trendy in France. The Spritz has become one of the favorite cocktails of the French who have taken a liking to bitterness.

It's hard not to appreciate the aperitivo cocktails...

Most often, these are long drinks, which are both very refreshing and thirst-quenching. And, if they display a low degree of alcohol, they do not lack character!

> The development of premium apps

Today, in France, there are several brands of premium apps. They are all made in an artisanal way, from natural flavors and they are not very sweet. In addition, each brand has created a wide range. Beyond tonics, ginger beers or colas, they often offer original flavors like Fentimans with its Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water or its Rose Lemonade.

How to use them?

Although they are perfect for making cocktails, these apps encourage creativity. And not just bartenders. At home, they make it easy to make very good low ABV cocktails.

An address to recommend?

Since August 2019, Olivier Martinez and Yann Salentin welcome you to their House Garden bar in Paris (11th). This is one of the first bars to offer LOW ABV only cocktails.

Want an example?

In a large wine glass filled with ice cubes, put 5 cl of Cap Mattei rouge, add tonic and mix gently. It's ready to eat!

>Two easy-to-make low ABV cocktails


In a long drink filled with ice:

• 10 cl of pressed pineapple

Scottish Breakfast

In a short drink filled with ice:

• 4 cl of Edinburgh Pomegranate and Rose liquor gin

• 1 cl lemon juice

• 1 nice squeezed orange


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